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Rug Cleaning Christchurch

Welcome to Locals Choice Rug Cleaning, Christchurch #1 rug cleaning company.
Nowadays rugs come in a seemingly endless number of shapes, sizes and colours, from traditional Persian or Oriental rugs, costing many thousands of dollars, to modern synthetic rugs in vibrant hues and funky avant-garde designs. What they all have in common is they hugely benefit from regular servicing, which consists of deep cleaning by properly qualified professionals like Locals Choice Rug Cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning Solutions

Locals Choice Rug Cleaners promises eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions. Despite being technologically advanced the chemicals we use are guaranteed to be kind to the environment, which is a prime consideration for both us and an increasing number of our clients. These products are also certified non-toxic and completely safe to use around children and pets. We have tried and tested many different brands over the years and now feel confident that we are offering you the gold standard in rug cleaning services. When comparing quotes it is vital that you ascertain that our competitors are using products of an equally high standard of safety and effectiveness.

Clean and Protect Your Precious Rugs

The depth of the Locals Choice Rug Cleaning experience means that we are accustomed to handling high-value items as well as cheaper contemporary rugs, treating all with the utmost care. We specialise in cleaning Persian, Afghan, Indian, Turkish, Oriental, Dhurris, Deco, Kelims, shaggy, machine-made and hand-knotted varieties plus many more. If you are not sure what type of rug you have, perhaps because you inherited it or bought it second-hand, we will be happy to offer our professional opinion.

The first thing our experts will do is ascertain the material and underlying construction of the rug so that they can decide on the safest and most appropriate cleaning method. Their aim is to revive the colours and original feel of the rug as much as possible without weakening it in any way. Obviously, the end result will depend largely on the existing condition of the fabric. If it has been neglected, ill-treated for many years or perhaps been situated in direct sunlight, it may well be beyond even our restoration. However, most rugs respond well to a good clean and they will certainly smell a lot fresher. We will always give you an honest appraisal prior to starting your job, so you can decide whether it is worth proceeding.

How to Remove Pet Urine Stains from Rugs

Looking for a pet urine stain solution? We all love our cats and dogs but why do they so often choose to have their little accidents with our favourite rugs? The key to saving these rugs is to act fast. Urine is acidic in nature when it first comes into contact with the fibres then quickly cools and becomes alkaline, which is a process that often results in colour loss of varying degrees, which may be permanent. We highly recommend that you call us at the first opportunity, so we can collect your rug and get to work on it as soon as possible.

At Locals Choice we have developed our own highly effective 10-stage cleaning process for tackling this pet urine stain problem:

  • 1. Pre-check for colour-fastness.
  • 2. Inspection under UV light to reveal the extent of contamination.
  • 3. Dusting to remove urine crystals
  • 4. Vacuuming to remove residual urine crystals and underlying dirt.
  • 5. Pre-spotting of soiled areas with special cleaning chemicals.
  • 6. Immersion in our rug-spa solution.
  • 7. Thorough rinsing process to remove all urine traces.
  • 8. Final rug and fringe cleaning process.
  • 9. Optional stain protection treatment and deodorising.
  • 10. Drying.
  • Free Rug Cleaning Collection – Christchurch Wide

    With today’s hectic lifestyles it may be difficult to find the time to make your way into the busy Inner West and negotiate its notorious traffic. To make your life a lot easier we are happy to send a van to pick up your rugs(s), take them to our premises for cleaning and then return them swiftly to your home. We cover all Christchurch suburbs.

    With Rugs, Prevention is Often Better Than Cure

    We recommend that you do your best to extend the life of your rug by taking a few simple precautions. For example, it is possible to buy fabric-protecting sprays, which help to negate the effects of spillages, especially the dreaded red wine! Fitting easily available ‘rug pads’ will help to prevent wear caused by sliding, especially if your rug happens to be situated on a hard service such as marble or hardwood.

    You should give the rug a weekly vacuum and also ensure the surface on which it sits is also clear of dust and grime. This will help to deter and eradicate dust mites and other small insects that might feed on your rug’s fibres. Sunlight is always a potential problem in our NZ climate, as it causes bleaching and the fabric may end up with a seriously washed-out look that cannot be restored. If your rug lies in an area of direct sunlight it is a good idea to rotate it by placing it in a more shaded room.

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